14 years later another milestone.

Fourteen years (and a couple of months) I packed my things into our geo metro and a semi trailer, bound for Seattle.  So much of my life has changed since we moved here, and I  have just tackled a new milestone.


I am now driving.

Part of what finally pushed me over the edge was the availability of a car. Mike’s ex-girlfriend was moving back to Miami and wanted to sell her  car, I had a little bit of cash and was able to make an offer.  So being the proud owner of a car we began working on driving practice right away.

Mike was patient, letting me drive a little bit of everywhere,  from  regular trips to the grocery store to a camping trip to visits into Seattle. After a few weeks I got comfortable.  The car became mine on 3/28. On 4/1 I wondered if I could get my license  by my birthday (the 23rd). On the 4/14, I took my drivers test and 4/15 I had my picture taken at the DMV.After 22 years, I was officially licensed.

Funny how long milestones can take.

Life in Seattle after 10 years