Exploring Pike Place Market: January

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Pike Place Market in January

I started my 2017 exploration of Pike Place this weekend. I was curious what Pike Place would look like in January. I’m a local, and I enjoy Pike Place Market, but I’ve never been there at 8:45 on a Saturday Morning.

It’s quiet, quieter then I had assumed it would be. The streets were empty. It was easy to walk on the sidewalks, I had no problem ducking into shops, or pausing to take pictures. I counted the number of tourists I saw on one hand.

Pike Place Market

The Classic Pike Place Market Shot

I easily found parking on the street at 2nd and Stewart, and paid the meter. $6 for 2 hours was a little pricey, I know there are cheaper options, I’ll find them next month. Next, I wandered through the market, looking for breakfast. After all, you can’t shop on a empty stomach.

There are many breakfast options and I have my favorites already. Biscuits, Crepes, Donuts, Humbow.

Humbow at the Market

The Best Hum bow in Seattle


I was tempted to stop for a BBQ Pork Hum bow, a Chinese dishes of bread dough stuffed with a sticky sweet and lightly spicy pork filling. It’s a favorite  but I wanted something new.

Rub with Love Shack

The Rub With Love Shack is part of the Tom Douglas Seatown location. The menu is simple, it’s grab and go. The choices are : sandwiches, salads, soups, and roast meats. Nothing fancy. Just good food.

A breakfast sandwich was a homemade english muffin, avocado, egg, and bacon for 7.50. (I could have chosen ham, sausage or crab instead)

I added a cup of coffee, bringing my breakfast total to 11.

Satisfied, I looked over the various spice rubs and selected a few to bring home. The point of these trips is to bring the market home and cook it. This was my first step. (I chose Mushroom Rub, Spicy Tokyo Rub, Chinese 12 Spice Rub and Veggie Rub, if you are curious.) You can also buy these rubs online.

A Quiet Pike Place

I wandered through the market where the temporary vendors setup, and was surprised to see the tables empty. It was 9:15, still too early for the market to really be awake. I reached the end of the temporary stalls and found a gathering of vendors, all waiting for their assignment for the day. Even on a quiet weekend like this weekend, sales could be good. The Vendors were interested in getting their favorite spot and getting a chance to set up.


The fish throwers were hard at work, performing for crowds of a dozen or so people. Shops were just starting to open. I took a turn through Delerunti’s and took some 360 footage to show it off. (That will soon be on JetCityJo.com)

I was looking for inspiration though, the kind of things I wanted to cook for a meal or two this week. This is where the market is strange. The meat and seafood are the freshest available and priced to sell to tourists. They’re absolutely worth the price, but a little out of reach for a daily meal.

I’ll push harder next month and look for seafood, instead I started with tailgating food for the Seahawks playoff game.

Uli's Famous Sausage

Uli’s Famous Sausage Company




Uli’s Famous Sausage company is a favorite stop of mine. Traditionally made authentic bratwursts, liverwurst, chicken sausages and more are there to greet you. Uli also makes sausages for other cultures, including South African and Latin sausages.

I was looking for something specific this trip. “Men’s Room Original Red Sausage”. It’s a traditional beer brat, made with Men’s Room Original Red beer, and the proceeds go to charity. It’s also really tasty. You can buy this online too.

Cooking and Serving the Sausages

Just instructions, not really a recipe.

I went for a simple serving on the Men’s Room Original Red Sausages. I baked them until they were cooked through, then kept them warm in a crockpot with a bottle of beer.

I also sauteed mushrooms in a little olive oil, seasoned them with the mushroom rub and served them as topping.

The last topping was onions, pressure cooked for 10 minutes in the instant pot, in more beer, with a tbls of brown sugar and a tossing of baking soda. (The baking soda promotes browning in the pressure cooker.)

Paired with some outdoor rolls, the sausages  and topping served us well, through the Seahawks loss.

One More Stop

While the proteins didn’t appeal, the produce did.  The rainy seattle weather produces special produce of it’s own. Fresh Mushrooms! So many fresh mushrooms.  Fresh hedgehogs! Abalone! Yellow Foot!




Truffles were the treasure of the day. I had the guy behind the counter pick out a perfect one for a Sunday dinner.  A head of romanesco rounded out my purchases and I headed home for the Seahawks Game.


Where I stopped at Pike Place this month:


Rub with Love Shack
2014 Western Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121
Phone: 206-454-7925 Twitter: @SeatownSeabar

Uli’s Famous Sausage Company
1511 Pike Pl. Seattle, WA 98101
Phone: (206) 838-1712

Sosio’s Produce
1527 Pike Place
Seattle WA 98101
Phone: 206-622-1370


Urban Garden

The Urban Garden at Pike Place Market

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