Epic Quest List

Quest List

This is not just a bucket list, this is an epic quest list. The idea is stolen from Nerd Fitness’s Steve (http://www.nerdfitness.com/epic-quest/). The idea is that I’m starting at level 1, and in the end I’d like to be able to reach level 100. (Level Caps can always change, depending on expansions and DLC. )Some quests are small quests, in the “Kill 10 Rats” vein, and only earn a level or two. Others are larger and earn more. If I was running this before I learned to drive, I’d have estimated “learning to drive” in the 10 level range.

Current Quest Level: 1

Recently Completed Quest Item: Draft of Quest List

Deb’s Quest List 10/12/2014  – Updated 7/25/2016
Item Description (Acceptance Criteria) Quest Value (Levels)

Starting Zone: North America

Visit New Orleans Eating Beignets, visiting graveyards and dining at one of Emeril Lagasse’s restaurants. 1 Level Point(Achieved!)
Visit New York Classic New York Pizza and New York sites including the Statue of Liberty 5 Level Point.
Visit Chicago Classic sightseeing trip including dinner at 2 fancy Chicago restaurants. (Rick Bayless and Grant Achatz) 5 Level Point
A Train Ride across the Country Ride from Seattle to New York on the Train for simply the act of being able to do it. 5 Level Point
The Alaska Marine Highway A writers vacation via the Ferry to Alaska 5 Level Point
The Earth Ships of New Mexico Visit and Stay in an Earthship 5 Level Point
Develop a personal currency for volunteerism. Develop a currency with friends that can be used to trade for services and favors among friends. 5 Level Point.

Personal Accomplishments
Learn to speak Spanish Finish Pimseluer languages Spanish 1 &2. 1 Level Point.
Learn to write and speak German Finish Pimseleur German and participate in German writing group. 1 Level Point.
Finish Nanowrimo Finish Nanowrimo with a complete novel. 1 Level Point.
Buy my first new car. A new car of my own (or shared with the bank.) 5 Level Points.
Buy a condo or house A place to hang my hat of my very own. 10 Level Points.
Throw a personal convention Throw a big game day/Event with swag bags and games and food. First ever Debcon. 5 Level Points.
Self publish my first cooking zine. A self published cooking zine given to friends and family. 1 Level Point
Become a published author Publish a book through a traditional publisher 5 Level Points

Professional Accomplishments
The Kickstarter Project Management Site Complete the site and have all templates created 1 Level Point.
Attain PMP Pass the PMP Test and get my PMP Certification 1 Level Point.
Attain Agile CSP credential Agile Certified Scrum Professional. 1 Level Point.
Begin freelance consulting Begin helping others with project management problems, for a fee. 1 Level Point.
Professional speaker at a conference Be a speaker at a professional conference 1 level point
Freelance consulting enough to go solo. Make enough in consulting regularly to quit the day job. (Including having insurance) 5 Level Points.
Making enough profit to hire an assistant and office space Making enough through consulting to afford an office space and an assistant. 10 Level Points.
Give a Ted Talk Give a Ted talk at a TEDx Conference 10 Level Points

Zone 2: The Ancient Cities of Europe
Christmas in London A week long trip to London including museums and palaces. 1 Level Point
Hiking in Ireland A 5 day hiking trip in Ireland, with a friend or two, no big hiking group. 1 Level Point.
Castles in Germany A visit to Germany and a tour of 2-3 historic castle  1 Level Point
Study at Schumacher College Even if it’s a short course, take a class at Schumacher College.
Zone 3: Ancient Temples & Eastern Cities (Japan/China/India/Russia)
Zone 4 : Jungles and Tropics (South America)
Zone 5: The Water Level (Islands/New Zealand/Australia)

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